Dental prosthesis are required, when we need to restore teeth. It can be done with crowns, bridges (removable or fixed)and implants. All prosthetics are produced in our own laboratory, which is part of our clinic and has modern equipment.

  • Metal ceramic crowns, another name for this is a ‘porcelain fused to metal’ crown. They consist of a metal interior or base which is fused to porcelain crowns. The metal interior can be produced from a range of metals, e.g. alloy and this is what gives this crown its strength. Metal ceramic crowns are a traditional type of crown often used in bridges plus crown and bridge cases. They are often fitted onto back teeth and are considered a strong, robust type of crown.
  • The metal ceramic bridge (known as the porcelain fused to metal bridge) has been a stalwart in the dental world for many years. This dental bridge has been worn by countless numbers of people and is considered a strong and resilient type of bridge. Other options are all ceramic bridges, such as zirconia bridges which are metal free and prized for their translucent appearance. But it is important that you weigh up the pros and cons of both types of bridge before making your decision. This bridge is comprised of a metal alloy framework and ceramic crowns which are designed as a replacement for missing or crooked teeth.
  • All ceramic crowns are a type of cosmetic crown which are made purely from ceramic and no other material. This is in contrast to other types of crowns such as the porcelain fused to metal variety and gold crowns. The defining feature of these crowns is that they are made from a translucent material which is attractive to look at and blends in well with the rest of your teeth.  This means a top quality crown which will last for many years. The majority of all ceramic crowns are produced using computer technology, e.g. CAD/CAM technology which is based upon 3D design. These types of

Nowadays exists two types of crowns which looks aesthetic. Metal ceramic crowns are viewed as less than attractive. Many people choose the all ceramic crowns or zirconium  crown for their greater aesthetic appeal.

However we shouldn’t forget, that there are alternatives to crowns. If we talk about prosthetics of front teeth we need to take in consideration veneers, aesthetic restoration and implantation.

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